Map of travel times in France by TGV

If you liked BoingBoing recent “Vintage isochrone maps show 19th-century travel times” post, you may like this recent article from Le Monde, with animated graphs and maps:


You have to log in to see the link you posted. Here’s the same article on the free site :wink:


Thanks. I have a subscription to Le Monde, so they change every link to the paid version of the site :frowning: Bad design.

I especially liked the last visualisation, which likened the increased train speeds to other cities being pulled physically closer to Paris.

That’s a powerful, and very French image.

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Yep, it’s very, very Paris-centric :confused:

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Super Paris-centric. The fastest way from Marseille to Bordeaux is through Paris.

Cool visualisation though. Now I want to see an animated isochrone map :smile:

There are a bunch of French train isochrone maps around the interwebs at the moment, since the inauguration of the Paris—Toulouse TGV line.


Good stuff, this.

I’d love to see something like this for Japan.

I’m sure Trump’s Super Awesome Infrastructure Plan (which he’s been silent on lately) includes nothing to help get high speed rail in the US so I’m not holding my breath for anything like this stateside in my lifetime.

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