Map shows where world's oldest and youngest populations live

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Rate of population change is an interesting adjunct to the age map:

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That’s cool.
I’d also like to see that rate of change broken down into age-binned cohorts.
Or see the same map GlobalPost made but with each country’s median age animated to show how its varied since, say 1900 (or do it via heatmap).
But don’t worry, I’m not assigning you that task!

Basically, I want to know what fraction of the population I can write off as irrelevant for being too young or too old, where I fit in that, and how soon to expect the upstarts to come for my head :slight_smile:

Edit: I found this, but it would be better if it were by country and not the whole world’s population

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Holy cow. I think that sheds light on some of Africa’s problems. No one of that age knows WTF they are doing.

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Is it significant that the four oldest populations are from former Axis powers?

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Either extreme is bad news. A very young population probably indicates an exploding birthrate, but it could be that an epidemic is killing off the adults.

A very old population probably means birthrate has dropped below replacement. There will probably be a need for cheap labor, which means immigration, with plenty of old folks to hate the immigrants and demand a return to the good old days of homogeneity.


Canada is super old.

Clearly single payer health care is not working.

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Why is France coloured in as early thirties when it’s 40.9, older than the UK 40.4 which is correctly coloured in as early forties?

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Or, in the case of the already tropical-disease plagued and now HIV riddled areas; both at the same time. Plenty of dependent children and (very) young adults who could probably still use a little advice from their elders; plus anyone you manage to educate snuffs it during what should be their peak productive years. It’s not a pretty picture.

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Economically and technologically advanced enough to sustain the medical requirements of an aging population, not socially adjusted such that women with access to education and birth control want to have children there?

Isn’t it the opposite?

Clearly the death panels aren’t doing their job.


That was a bit of sarcasm.

Ah, Poe’s law in effect? :blush:

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