Marble based general purpose computer

But you see, you understand all too well…

I know what a Rule 110 Turing Complete Cellular Automaton is, and I am very much a layman!

Well said. Just cuz it’s a video on the internet, doesn’t mean it was made for you you yoooouuuuu… :slight_smile:


It’s Stealth Bombers all the way down


he assumes his audience has read “A new kind of science.” I haven’t. Should I?

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This is a very quick guess that I haven’t checked by going back through the video but I think the rule is something like if either of the last two digits are one or are two ones then the middle digit becomes one, unless all three digits are one then the middle digit becomes zero. Otherwise the middle digit becomes/stays 0.

I played with Conroy’s Game of Life about 30 years ago on TI personal computer and have a math degree and some programming. But I like this kind of stuff, and I could follow what he was saying well enough to tell that he did something very cool (I also read through the Wikipedia article on Cooks proof of Rule 110).

I guess what I’m saying, not to get to “cybernetic” about it, is that communication needs the right “state” on both ends. I’m sure I wouldn’t understand your explanation of something in EE at all, even if you explained it “well” because I don’t have the background.

Not unless you’re interested in cellular automata already. My understanding is that Wolfram, while brilliant, overreaches significantly in it. If you have enough of a background in the relevant topics there is a collection of his academic writings that is very good: Cellular Automata and Complexity.


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