Marching band does excellent Michael Jackson tribute


Could they follow up with Gary Glitter? Sort of a Pedo two-fer.


That was an amazing job by that marching band. Wonder how long they had to practice that routine in order to play and hit their marks at the same time.

We’ve been hit by, we’ve been struck by, a smooth marching band.


I mean, they’re all workin’ real hahd… but dis guy!
Dis guy right heah?
Dis. Guy. Right. Heah.

here’s the guy who taught Michael to moonwalk (let it be a tribute to him too : ) ;

(see him moonwalk @ the 2 minute mark)



between the moonwalk and the split, where was the crotch grab?

you failed me, OSU. you failed me.

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On the other hand I hate Michael Jackson but love football. Methinks the word is better used this way…

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Yeah. I want to know how they map that out and convey the instructions who goes where when.
Lotsa hours of practice.

I imagine the director screaming into a megaphone, “NO! Offset! Follow the right but off by 33 degrees!”

They do this in China or in Venezuela, and we’re all “Propaganda! Brainwashing! Collectivism!”…

They do this in the good ol’ US of A, and we’re all “AWWW CUUUUTE”…

omg it’s college football.

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Thanks to a couple of Business students, the band has been using iPads instead of paper packets. That said, they were able to put together some pretty sweet routines before.

while not really liking marching bands, i much prefer this over the old european militaristic ones

Having never watched a game of American Football before, I was thrown in the deep end by visiting Ann Arbor and catching a game at Michigan Stadium, which I believe is the highest capacity stadium in the US (and third highest in the world). I quickly came to realise that the game itself is slow, is stopped more than its actually played and is frankly a bit tedious. The spectacle however, made it all worth attending. Watching the game on T.V with beers is also ok, because the you can easily spend as much time talking and drinking. Kind of like cricket.

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