Margaret Thatcher sold off public housing to create "the dignity of ownership" and today 40% of that housing is owned by gouging landlords


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The ghost of Christmas Thatcher.


Selling off council houses was bad. Barring the councils from building any more was worse.


How the hell are poor people supposed to buy a house - they have no cash or credit. The ones that have the spare cash or credit are… already rich.

This is as good as these assholes that worked a part time job in the 70’s (a time of very bad financial difficulty for this country) and still made enough to go to college and live, and now fucking act like someone working 2 jobs at 60+ hours a week is a lazy git because they can’t afford rent and food.


Only 40%? Didn’t go exactly as planned, then.


Who would of thought such a terrible idea would have tragic results?


The day Thatcher died was a great day. The day her ideology dies will be even better.


Who owns the other 60%? If around 50% is owned by the former renters or their kin I would regard it to be a large success as political reforms go.


A big ‘if’! Council housing stock was removed from the system and was never replaced. How is that a good thing?


I dont regard hindering building of new public housing as a good thing. I would never support such a policy in Sweden, it shiuld be up to local municipial government to build such or not.

People owning their homes is a good thing for me.


Okay, then what percentage of those were destitute in need of housing? Because I’m pretty sure if you needed housing support, you probably weren’t going to be first on the market to put up a mortgage.


What about their bootstraps? /s


In some ways letting the councils sell was a good idea, (although not the motivation for Right to Buy) as it took older housing stock which was likely to be energy inefficient and needing expensive repairs off public books.

What was utterly criminal was not allowing the councils to then invest in more modern housing for their tenants.


I think you misread the comment, He opposed the hindering of new public housaing

or maybe I misread you


BTW, I also miss Spitting Image. Maybe that was the best thing about the Thatcher years.



The day she was voted out of power was a great day. The death of her ideology will be even better, I agree. Who cares when or how she died.


And some of it is still relevant today.


Indeed, much of it is. Their musical items were often right on the button. Off topic, but this one sticks with me to this day. And still as relevant, more generally, if not more so.

Where is the Spitting Image we need today?


She technically wasn’t voted out, though that is what was going to happen.

Sometimes poetic license works well, creating a parallel between her death and the death of the ideology she espoused.

But, yeah, you’re right. The day she stepped down as prime minister was a wonderful day… we were literally dancing in the streets.