Marijuana arrests in U.S. increased last year for the first time since 2009

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Fucking hell, the shit people say! Hey Anslinger, even though you’re dead, go and fuck yourself, mmkay?

I happen to know someone who was recently arrested for MJ (on a bullshit stop, in a bullshit place, natch), and along with practically everyone else I’m wondering how the burgeoning social (and legal) acceptance of weed will impact people already incarcerated or otherwise convicted of possessing the plant.


The for-profit prison industry is well aware that increasing marijuana legalization is going to cost them billions.

So several years ago they started a campaign to reduce access to prescription painkillers, in order to drive people with severe pain issues toward illegal opiods. The campaign relies on a heavy dose of cognitive dissonance - “we know that heroin use always goes up if you restrict access to pain management, therefore painkillers are a gateway to heroin, therefore we must restrict access to pain meds through harassment of patients and indoctrination of physicians.”

Seriously. That’s their meme. It’s kind of beyond parody.


Ummm, could we get a source on that Anslinger quote? Every source I’m seeing but one (and that one has no references) is saying it’s from a 1930s Hearst newspaper and doesn’t mention Anslinger. That doesn’t exclude the possibility that this is still him – I won’t dispute that Anslinger was a racist autocrat – but I’ve come to distrust all quotes pasted to an image like this after reading Snopes on a regular basis.


I see your point. This is terrible! Only 4% of pot smokers get caught, vs 30% to 65% of other criminals? What kind of half ass policing is this?

Puff, Puff, Pass.

This is just horrendous- ruining the lives of 700,000 of our family and neighbors every year.


$1,000 X 700,993 = 700 million dollars

If we’re being consistent, that should be “701.0 million”, or “701 million” informally.

Or, if that $1,000 is meant to be accurate to only one significant figure, I think it would be clearest to write the whole thing as “$1x103 x 7.00993x105 = $7x108”.

I trust you will update your style guide accordingly.


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