Marques Brownlee shares the top 5 new features of iOS 16

Originally published at: Marques Brownlee shares the top 5 new features of iOS 16 | Boing Boing

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The best feature (from Apple’s POV):
it (and any app created for it) is undoubtedly incompatible with any iOS device made 3+ years ago.

I get that this is likely a joke… but iOS 16 supports the last 5 years of devices- iPhone 8 and later. And that is a little less than their usual window of support, iOS 15 supported 6 years of devices.


I suspect that we are coming from a position of different interests; but the one that has me excited is lockdown mode.

Given the relentless pressure for more features faster you don’t commonly see a vendor implementation of the ability to specifically disable a bunch of the ones known to be most dangerous(and, when you do, it’s more likely to be of the “How to be the IT Department your company hates in 10,000 steps of varying difficulties” flavor of support, rather than a “turning this on will make your phone less fun; but all you need to do is toggle the switch”).

I’m hoping that the move will inspire emulation elsewhere: android being android there are vendors you can get humorlessly hardened devices from; but (to go by some of the revelations regarding use of NSO group goodies, among others) nation-state tier malware is used against people uncomfortably far down the food chain, most of whom don’t have the option of paying a few thousand dollars for a handset from General Dynamics Mission Systems or the like.

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Right, because why would you want to use a 5 year-old iPhone, or drive a 5 year-old car or walk a 5 year-old dog?

Those are all allowed. The old phone/car/dog may not learn all the cool tricks that a newer model has.

You’re also allowed to think 5 or 6 years of support is too little, if you like. :person_shrugging: Is there another phone brand around that has longer-term support?

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