Sloppy iOS7 UI features immortalized as blog


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“It’s all about intellectual honesty, not trolling.”

In many ways, good trolling is in fact all about intellectual honesty.

I haven’t updated yet. I’m still trying to figure out what Apple actually improved on in iOS7…

Here’s another sloppy feature: the long over-due Control Center swipe doesn’t work (in many instances, including mine) if the iPhone is in a protective case: the capacitance apparently starts below the screen, and the swipe isn’t picked up unless it starts down there. If Jon Ivy replies that the iPhone isn’t meant to be used in a case, I will have an actual fit.


The new interface feels like it was designed by Ikea. Meh.

that or Google and Samsung three years ago.


The iPhone isn’t meant to be used in a case. :slight_smile:

Thank goodness my case is only around the edges (and back) of the phone then. The Control Center was one of my big “I really wish it had this” features. Still not perfect (I wish there was a link to Settings in there as well), but a vast improvement.

Overall I’m liking the feel of iOS 7 so far. Time will tell, I suppose.

The comparisons to Android are entirely warranted. They lifted the chromeless look of Windows Phone 7/8, and the color scheme and additional functionality from Android 4 (e.g. the task switching look/feel, the settings drawer). I have yet to see a fresh design idea.


I actually prefer the task switching look/feel on my (work) iPhone 5 in iOS7 over the behaviour on my (personal) S3 in Jellybean 4.1.2. It just feels nice and polished. But I bore of things like this quickly, which is why I’m going to but swapping my S3 to cyanogenmod sometime in the near future. An option that I don’t have with my iPhone when I get bored of the new iOS look, unfortunately.

there might actually be a few glitches here and there, but the ones in the header image are not among them. The type in the blue quote bubble that appears cut in half is a frame from the animation in Messages. When you enter a message and hit send, it slides out of the entry box up tot he conversation. This happens in a fraction of a second, and looks pretty cool. The blue dot indicates a newly installed app. This one happens to be at the bottom of the home screen, next to the paging dots, so it looks odd. I have never seen the “available apps” red circle number behind the icon.

As I said, I’m not saying there aren’t glitches. but if you’re going to rag on something, at least be right.

I switched to CM10.3 recently on my Evo LTE; the interface is incredibly smooth, including task switching. Cycling through apps on my 4th-gen iPad running iOS7 feels unbearably sluggish by comparison.

haters gonna, etc.
so far, i’m really liking iOS7 for the most part. still finding my way around, but the look and feel is sexy.

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Reminds me of an interview i heard with Larry Page a while back. Can’t find a link.

In short, Steve Jobs called Larry Page personally, on a Sunday morning, to discuss the way the google icon looked on the iPhone, so it would get fixed.

It did.

Not as much as it is about ego massage and exceptionalism.

Overlapping text, very poor contrast, etc. … Sure, problems.

Inconsistent case, inconsistent UI for what is essentially the same thing, etc. … Nitpicky but legitimately annoying.

Misaligned text… I can’t even see it. They’ve got arrows pointing to things saying “inconsistent line height” or “misaligned columns” and such when they must have taken a ruler to every single piece of the UI to notice (and I still don’t see it).

I want a smart phone that is completely blank except the time, weather and message notices. Then I use gestures on the screen to pull up what I want including a special shake (using motion sensor) of the phone (up-down-up-down-right, for example) for other functions. Also infrared touch-free gestures that do other stuff as well. Gestures, gestures, gestures instead of a bunch of UI stuff. That way you can keep the phones small without having to worry about pressing tiny buttons everywhere all the time.

ur doing it rong

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I understand where you’re coming from, because I want the exact opposite, and nobody’s making that either.

How about a phone you can use in pitch darkness with one hand and half your fingers paralyzed, that uses no battery power at all unless you’re actually calling someone. With no screen at all, just a mic, speaker, 4x3 keypad and on/off switch. And about the size of a pack of smokes, so you can roll it up in your t-shirt sleeve. Able to withstand being vigorously beaten with a shovel against concrete, and withstand any depth of submersion for any amount of time.


I’ve heard it in stores…

“Would you like a case for your iPhone?”
“No, It’s an iPhone!”
“Yeah, it’s made of glass. As I was saying would you like…”