Sloppy iOS7 UI features immortalized as blog

I belive what you’re looking for is the Nokia 1101.

I’m not an iPhone user and not likely to be one any time probably ever. Android currently fits my needs better than iPhone and I can’t wait for something better than either to come out (Ubuntu, you’re my only hope … currently on the horizon). That said, I have to do support for iPhones so I use them a bit. The iOS7 reviews I’ve seen indicate they’ve addressed a lot of the frustrations I’ve had with iOS. On the whole, it seems like a really positive move on Apple’s part.

And, woohoo, skeumorphism is dead. UI glitches as a blog? Eh.

Here are two IOS7 glitches I’ve encountered so far. One where the camera has added a ghost floor to this building: And no data in my weather app:


Everyone’s down on skeuomorphism, but I think it can be pretty useful. Sure, there’s tons of poorly designed skeuomorphic stuff, but minimalism can be pretty poorly designed too. I’ve a feeling that when I upgrade, I’m going to miss the chrome a little.

(And then I’ll probably get over it because the most important things are stability and reliability anyways.)

Well, it’s not so much skeuomorphism as a concept that I hate but the gimmicky way it tends to be used. I’d much rather a simple flat interface that gets the job done than one that tries to hard to mimic reality to the point where it becomes unintentionally cutesy. I’ll plaster my phone with Hello Kitty and bows, don’t get me wrong. Unintentionally cutesy drives me up the wall.

How about a phone you can use in pitch darkness with one hand and half your fingers paralyzed, that uses no battery power at all unless you're actually calling someone. With no screen at all, just a mic, speaker, 4x3 keypad and on/off switch. And about the size of a pack of smokes, so you can roll it up in your t-shirt sleeve. Able to withstand being vigorously beaten with a shovel against concrete, and withstand any depth of submersion for any amount of time.

You want an iPhone Shuffle?


The new icon for the battery in the upper right-hand corner when it is charging looks like the old icon when the battery was about to die. I keep looking at the phone and thinking it is not charging - when it is actually charging just fine.

It’s not a “mistake” if it’s not noticeable except a) if it’s blown up and carefully cropped or b) by obsessives with way too much time on their hands.

I don’t know. I commented elsewhere that I thought it had a strong dose of XP Aero style transparency in there, too. They are drawing their inspiration from 3 years ago across the board.

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I reckon it’s coming, but the tech is still immature. Samsung’s attempts suck. I reckon Microsoft will get there first, but no one will notice.

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The “extra floor”: you’re showing a HDRI version of your photo. These are taken (and can only be taken) by a quick burst of photo’s (three I believe) with different exposures, combined after the fact. You must have shifted your phone between the exposures, leading to the ghost image (I get it all the time with shakey shots). I bet the non-HDRI verion of the photograph looks fine.

It’s pretty sturdy, though. Wanting to “protect” anything from petty accidents or “scratches” seems pretty neurotic to me.

Unless, of course, it’s comics books. PUT THEM INTO THEIR BAGS RIGHT NOW!

Cases shouldn’t obstruct the touch sensitive part of the phone.

It was news to me (and presumably the case manufacturers) that the touch-sensitive part of the phone extends below the screen. I guess I don’t understand why the Control Center swipe is so different from the Notifications swipe, which works just fine in a case. I use a battery case, btw, as I’m away from a charger for most of my day. Also, one drop onto the wrong surface and it’s over, I know at 4 people personally who have ruined their iPhone this way.

It was pretty obvious to me from when it first appeared that the iOS 7 UI redesign was a rush job which only started when Scott Forstall was fired, just under a year ago. It’s not at all surprising that there are UI glitches.

Admirably sturdy, but a little bit too unnecessarily complicated.

That just would not be possible with Apple.

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Haha! Shoop a metal chicklet keypad onto it and it’d be pretty close. Except Apple phones are fragile, of course.

The aluminum clip-style ipod shuffle is remarkably sturdy. I’ve got one that’s been through four owners (two of them kids) and it still works.

Yeah, I got one of those little square shuffles and it’s been through hell and back and still works perfect. It’s dented a little bit and the round, black button has a hairline crack, but it’s been here and has fallen along with me onto rocks, etc. and at least on 3 or 4 occasions it’s gotten loose and slammed against rocks itself after getting caught within the spokes of my wheel and clanged around.

I’ve gone through about 6 headphones that’ve been ripped out of my ears. Those damn things are as tough as nails. It’s survived mud, rain, rocks, falls, extreme heat, extreme cold all mixed together on occasion. And the sound quality is the tits (I use Sony earbuds, not Apple earbuds which were ripped in half a long time ago anyway).

This is the dent by the headphone plug which hasn’t hindered performance at all and the headphones still plug in fine.