Marriott hack blamed on China

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This makes total sense! An intelligence agency would benefit greatly from knowing the detailed travel plans of the people they’re interested in. More importantly, it would explain why they didn’t use their extraordinary access to steal credit card numbers.

Normally, once a hacker starts selling off their captured data, the clock starts ticking, and it’s only a matter of time before the evidence leads back to the source of the data. In 2014 most card database dumps sold on the dark web were each sourced from a single hack, and it wouldn’t take bank investigators too long to identify the common merchant and isolate the source of the breach.

No “for profit” hacker would sit on a breach for four years and not sell off the data. Whoever did this had a different motive. Espionage fits the profile.

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Shouldn’t this really say, “Marriott hack executed by China, blamed on Marriott”?

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TBH it didn’t seem that bad. Hashed passwords? OK if you had a good one and didn’t re-use. Birthdays? Public records. Emails? You give out your email all day every day.

It’s bad that it happened but in the grand scheme it seems relatively minor

Between this lack of security and the way they mistreat their employees, it seems like Marriott isn’t a good company to spend your money with…

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