MGM Resorts data breach exposes 10.6M+ guests' info, Jack Dorsey included, home addresses and birthdates

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No, just everything else you need to steal an identity and wreck a credit rating. Not to mention the deadlier things someone could do with that info.


Last summer?! Why TF did they wait so long before going public? Why do so many companies do that?

so… when’s Jack’s birthday?!

way to bury the lede :wink:

Wonderful - had to stay in one of their crappy hotels for a conference in Las Vegas a few years ago. So I guess I can add another layer of credit monitoring to the 8 or 10 I already have

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Yea, that’s the problem. I had one of my credit cards compromised because someone used information about me to call the bank pretending to be me and changed the card holder from me to someone else. Thankfully, they were unaware that my wife was on the card and she was able to call and reverse all that.
I’ve stayed at MGM hotels in Vegas in 2016 and 2018, so I’m sure my data was part of the breach.
We did have fun at the Phish and Widespread Panic runs, tho.


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