Cathay Pacific leaks 9.4 million travelers' passport numbers and other data


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“data security event” makes it sound like a dance party




Headline is not true.

A system with 9.4 million data records was breached, but it does not follow that all 9.4 million records were accessed. The article says a few hundred credit card numbers were accessed. Back when I was a boy, four orders of magnitude meant something.


Are you implying that BoingBoing headlines sometimes might create an impression that is not altogether 100.0% accurate?


Let it go @Boundegar it’s a Cory post.


Oh, that naughty data security event, causing all that concern.


Put me on the list, dammit!


Is there a “so inured to it, we just take it as read” list?
(Maybe @TobinL already made it to that one.) :wink:


Don’t worry. There weren’t any passengers on that cracked up cargo plane in the photo.



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