Philippines electoral data breach much worse than initially reported, possibly worst ever

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Doxxing millions of people is maybe not the best way to point out security flaws.


The breach contains the records of 1.3m overseas Philippines voters, including their passport details; it also includes 15.8m fingerprints.

That’s over twelve fingerprints each!


55M / 15.8M != 12

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= 5.91393279578056678600620496219796624… × 10-10477757

Well, that didn’t help… :wink:


I have a security fix. All breached passport numbers will be flagged at the next airport security check; each passport then gets a predetermined 4 digit alpha numeric code added to the end of their passport number. This is rubber stamped into the passport. This way, they can keep their passport to expiry, and anyone attempting to forge a document with the original passport number will find the number is no longer valid without the 4 digit code. Ok, I admit, I don’t know if this fix really does anything, other than make me feel better.

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You forgot something. All breached fingerprints will be flagged at the next airport security check; each affected finger will be surgically removed.


(My emph)

I know late stage capitalism entitlement when I see it.


I know the Philippines doesn’t have a western government’s level of funding for data management, but it sounds like they really didn’t take proper precautions.

I think it’s carelessness, not a lack of resources that allows this sort of disaster.

Worst-case scenario, you’re on par with DHS.


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