Hackers steal Trump Hotel guests' credit card numbers and other info. Again


Originally published at: http://boingboing.net/2017/07/12/trump-hotel-guest-hack.html


Since it’s people staying at a 45 property, my sympathy is pretty low.



While it looks like this might not actually be their fault, they don’t seem to take security very seriously. He and his company are cheap about everything.


Vlad promises it wasn’t him! Must be the 400 lb. guy again.


Aw, that’s too bad.


$50,000 for 70,000 cards?



Credit: https://boingboing.net/2017/01/02/trumps-cybersecurity-book-f.html


I know Saber is used by airlines and other hotel systems to control booking; were the Trump properties the only ones affected, or was this a more widespread breach?


No. I got this same notice from the Hard Rock hotel in San Diego. This breach is 'UGE.

Edit: Brian Krebs reported on it back in May:


The thing that kills me is it was only revealed in their quarterly report. It’s like breaches are becoming so routine businesses treat them like regular boring investor information.


I know. I’m even tempted to call these guys white hat hackers in this case…



When the revolution comes, they’ll be coming for you.

That’s still 314 Maple Street, correct?


They can afford it.


But his routers have gold contacts.
Simply the finest contacts.


I don’t wish a pox on the houses of foreign leaders who feel that they need to curry favor with our greatest national embarrassment. I’d just like to apologize to them, actually.
Some of them anyway.


I stayed at one of those properties before Trump bought it. Apparently they also bought my personal data as I started getting spammy sales mail from the resort, after it had become a Trump dump.
Looks like I should be safe from this hack though, as it was actually a hack of the reservation system.


And don’t forget - the networks are completely wired with Monster Cat5 cable!


Funny , I always thought of Nancy as being rather sexless. Hence the missing fucks.


I feel reasonably sure that if you search on the internets, you can find some Nancy Drew stories that AREN’T sexless…


Funny how this month’s-old hack of a system that 1000’s of properties and businesses use is suddenly front page news because Trump Hotels also use Saber, as if it was somehow Trump’s fault. So many 3rd party websites hook into Saber for room reservations it’s amazing they can keep a lid on data at all. When I helped build some of the first web-based res systems in the 90’s for Vegas hotels and casinos there was a great deal of concern over the safety of the transactions due not only to the lack of understanding of the new technologies, but the “high-roller” nature of the customers.

Then, as now, it’s still sketchier to give your CC# to a person over the phone.