Marvel at New York City in this 1911 documentary travelogue

On a similar note, I saw this the other day, it’s footage of New York from the early nineties, but recorded on Digital-VHS, so it’s almost as crisp as modern footage. Which makes it slightly jarring to watch people dressed like they’re in the 80’s, but with video quality that looks (almost) modern:

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My mother’s family arrived in the 20s.

My mother’s stepmother sent this, from back then:

This was taken on a roof in Greenwich Village. My grandmother is in the center; her sister-in-law (who was around until I was 20 or so) is to the left, and yes they’re dressed in guy’s clothes. The guy is a cousin-in-law, I believe. I forgot who the two ladies on the ends are; can’t find my notes, but likely my mother’s cousin (later step-sister’s) relatives.

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As a Clevelander, I was struck by the third photo in this post (about 7:44 in the film). At the left is a building that looks remarkably like our Terminal Tower. I’ve read that the inspiration for the Terminal was the New York Municipal building, but that was still under construction in 1911, and photos of it from 1912 show scaffolding on the center tower still.

Does anyone have any idea what this building in the film is? How would I go about researching that?

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