Marvel at this master of coin stacking


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I must admit that’s a hell of a thing


Witchcraft! No other explanation.

See - the world is flat. If it were round these coins would just roll to one side or the other :wink:


Well… Yes, most of this is impressive. But the first picture (and many others) use coins with square holes (like these ones).





Actually, those are 5 yen coins the upright coins are all standing on (in). They have round holes, rather than square. The toothpick looks to be going through 5 yen coins as well. (I first assumed they were 50s). All the coins appear to be Japanese except the upright one that says “5”. I don’t recognize it.


Indian 5 rupees, dated 1999.

(It’s a dying hobby.)


I call shenanigans, especially on some of the photos…


I have begun buying cyanoacrylate adhesive that comes with a syringe adaptor ( for really small amounts).


Very elaborate, self-supporting (with a bit of help) structures and in very interesting configurations. This guy would make a great architect.




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