Marvel may delay Disney-plus content

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The flood of these cheap shows has made me realize we need to cancel our copyright laws. The world is burning, let’s focus our energies elsewhere. Not worth it anymore.


“The world is burning, therefore I should be able to film and release my own Dr. Doom fan films without fear of legal reprisal” is certainly one reaction to world events.


Loki really was an absolute treat. And while Wandavision was a bit schmaltzy, it had a unique and interesting story to tell.

But as a worshipper of Star Trek, a fan of Star Wars, and a friend of Marvels…all of them do better with the low stakes, interpersonal stories. I love smash ‘em ups and thoughtless fun action, but it really has become an overload of deep fried Oreo’s and popcorn porn.


Sure, they’re tossing everything at the wall now and seeing what sticks. It’s lack of quality, not “fatigue,” that’s causing us to decide we can skip or delay watching a series. WandaVision was a revelation until the ending. Loki equally so. Most of the rest are mediocre, although each has a bright spot (Hawkeye handing the reins off to a delightful Halie Steinfeld; Ms. Marvel’s wonderful cultural grounding; Falcon’s discussion of racism in modern America).

But yes, I’d rather they pull back and do fewer shows, but better ones, and look at the unique way each was allowed to be what it wanted to be, rather than being stuffed into a corporate suitcase and pealed of any identity.

X-Men ’97 (2023) is a confusing title for a show

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A show about math. Is It a part of an equation, isn’t It?


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