Maryland BatMan struck and killed performing roadside Batmobile repair

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In the event of vehicle failure: always pull as far onto the shoulder as you can. If your car is unable to make it to the shoulder, you’re best staying in your car (unless the coast is totally clear to book it off the highway).

When pulling over for police, I always pull as far onto the shoulder as I can for my personal safety. This has resulted in one officer thanking me and giving me a warning and another officer scolding me and… just giving me a warning.


There’s a Clark Kent joke in here somewhere, but I am going to just let it lie. That guy seemed like a super cool person to cheer up kids.

I wonder if my local 501st visits the Childrens Hospital around here?


RIP sir. Prayers for the family.

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Yeah. He was a decent guy. He had a lot but spent it on his cosplay and helping kids. And he could crack a good joke.


Sounded like a hell of a guy. RIP Lenny.


His real batmobile was very wide and might not have been able to pull all the way over. He was a truly great individual. He has a great soul and will be deeply missed. In case anyone is interested he is featured in a documentary called Legends of the Knight. I believe it’s on Netflix.

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