Mashup artist challenges Sony to stop gaming Youtube's censorship system



My favorite is getting 5 different companies claiming rights to the same bit of classical music.

We need an organization that will take on this issue in a substantial way.

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Shouldn’t that be… the RIAA?

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If only there were stiff mandatory penalties for lying in a takedown notice. Oh, there are? I suppose it’s good Google came up with a novel alternative that doesn’t have the (yet-to-be-enforced) consumer-protecting teeth of the DMCA. :confused:

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This is why copyright law should be changed to include some game theory.

Get rid of “statutory rights”. Instead, make the claimant declare the value of the goods and an estimate (based on activity) of losses based on that value.
If their claim is good, then that value is used to determine fines. But if the claim is wrong - e.g. fair use, or just plain lies - then that’s the fine they get for clogging up the system.
Just letting a claim lapse, or dragging their heels? That’s also fineable. And guess what we’ll use as a basis for that fine?

Let’s make them admit the true value of their IP, and be sensible about their claims. One or two mistakes and we’ll see a big change in how they behave…


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