Mass arrests at DC protest over money in politics


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Thank you for reporting this; it almost seemed like there was a blackout on this story yesterday.



Well I suppose it’s better than pitchforks and tumbrels, but many members of Congress seem determined to push the country to that extreme.


“Thanks for the lols!” - Congress


I was considering a thought experiment as far as political funding went. I wonder what would happen should one limit how much total money can raised for campaigns. Essentially leveling the playing field for all participants. Depending on what the campaign is for, presidential, governor, mayor, etc.the total would change. Like a presidential campaign would have a limit on how much can be raised per state since some states might be bigger or more densely populated than others. I’m not savvy as far as politics and the funding for it goes, but i was interested in throwing the concept out there.


SuperPACs are third parties that (theoretically) don’t coordinate with campaigns. This doesn’t get around that.


PACs are still providing money for the campaigning of a given politician, so the source of the money is not the concern but the total money raised. But i do get your point that there are plenty of ways to get around it.


they will always find a way to fund politicians. what is currently missing is an effective method to punish them for their funding.
and of course, that is why they fund in secret. which should tell us something about their motives.


Wait for it, the second coming of Occupy Wall Street.

Brought to you by Banksters and deadbeat US Congress / Senate.


Image: Shacks of protestors burn with the Capitol dome seen through the smoke, 1932.


Is there any journalists voices out there expressing what happens in Editorial meetings when the question of covering events like this comes up? Does the editor squash it? Is the word from corporate that we ignore this? Where is the professional outrage? Are journalists so beat down they are afraid to speak? Or have they all been replaced by sympathetic lackies already?


Ah, yes, the bonus army massacre! What a bunch of commies, wanting their Great War bonus pay to help them out! Good thing capitol police/the active US military took care of them, or they’d have set up a commie state, for sure! /s


Good questions, and fortunately there’s a workaround worthy of an @doctorow novel.

During Occupy, there were live streams. I’m glad to see some in this campaign did the same.

And some professional reporters whose work wasn’t published immediately by a corporate outlet, published and networked directly.

The whole world is watching …


Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.




unless you’re blocking the sidewalk, then its all out the window


I’m having trouble digging up the identity of said fellow; but a wise fellow on the internet once said “The constitution may not be perfect; but it’s a lot better than what the supreme court says we have.”


Could there be anything more contrary to the spirit of capitalism than poor people wanting to be paid for their work(especially if by, ‘work’ we mean 'legally mandatory indentured servitude to the Department of War in a high-risk combat zone")?


My crazy idea to fix it all would essentially be an official American Election Lottery funded ONLY BY TAX PAYING US CITIZENS with the goal of creating 100 new US Millionaries. each year (2 from every state) Each citizen can contribute ONLY up to $1000 to buy 500 chances for ONE MILLION DOLLARS TAX FREE FROM THE IRS. The huge sums of money raised would be divided equally among top candidates. Superpaks could still exist but they’d be required to also have giveaways of money and prizes to contributors/players. The American people would finally GET STUFF or at least the chance for stuff during the election form the agency they hate the most, the IRS. Politics are funded fairly, the economy gains a new Millionaire (ready to spend!) and for the bleeding heart Liberals WEALTH IS REDISTRIBUTED. Does anyone think it could work?