Donald Trump's super PAC promised a Chinese millionaire access, influence in exchange for a secret $2 million donation

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As with the Mussolini twitter bot tweeting at Trump until he re-tweeted one of its maxims, I find less satisfaction in journalists catfishing the candidate than their finding something foolish and/or criminal that he did all by himself left to his own craven devices.


I fully agree.

But with that said, I’ll confess that I sort of like that reporters would be laying out these sorts of traps, just to make the less ethical campaigns out there be doubly-careful about this sort of situation.

I mean, getting caught on their own is obviously better as a scandal, but if these groups can be operating in fear because they know that reporters are setting up these sorts of entrapment situations, then maybe… maybe they’ll be a little better behaved? Obviously it’d be better if they’d behave in an ethical manner on their own, but that appears not to be happening, so…


If there were more vigilantes do you think there would be less crime? I don’t think this does more than fuel wacky conspiratorial feelings that the system and the media are rigged against him.

He doesn’t need external fuel. His continuing meltdown proves tRump at best is a nuclear disaster.


Well, then laying out traps is superfluous…?

I don’t really understand your question; Police do perform sting operations. From what I understand, it’s apparently a pretty effective method of finding criminals.


I was just taking the opportunity to write some snarky turn of phrase.

But I personally think that it’s a good thing for reporters and investigators to try offering the preposterous on occasion to try and keep the system honest.

This election is in no way normal. It’s been a circus for a long time now, and tRump isn’t a normal candidate. In a confluence of his luck and generic american anger he’s ended up the posterboy for america’s most base fears and represents the rump of dumbasses the GOP has been breeding for the last thirty-odd years.

If we can get them all to self-destruct, I wouldn’t shed a tear.

The trumpkins will yell about conspiracy and rigging whether or not they have an actual point, while on the other hand the democrats don’t even need to cry conspiracy since the GOP is so overtly working to make sure anyone who is likely to vote for a democrat can’t afford the poll tax or pass the literacy test.


But journalists aren’t police. That’s why I think this is dangerous.

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I guess I’m just more into the “they go low, we go high” method.

If they’re metaphorically demanding rope to hang themselves with, why should I metaphorically keep the spool away?

The trump campaign has been soliciting donations from non-americans for quite a while now. It’s not like it’s a secret. And from what I’ve been reading the trump campaign isn’t correcting these illegal mistakes. So why not let it bite them in the ass?


Because this kind of tragedy could be avoided if only the press didn’t have so much freedom.



Well, he did only claim that he would reform lobbying rules after being elected; so obviously this sort of thing is fair game until then, no?


Como se dice “pay-to-play” en chino?


You’re missing the point. Trump is also corrupt but his corruption is so much better. In fact he has the best corruption because it’s so huge.


He’d be a bad businessman™ if he didn’t take advantage of every legal loophole®!


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Only if you’re omnipresent.

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Trump is the best nuclear disaster.


“Vigilantes” are revenge-seekers. The reporters were not seeking revenge.