$1m raised by random dude promising "Dinner with Trump"

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I feel bad for people taken in by scams even if I greatly disagree with their politics or find them objectionable in other ways. I just wonder if anyone, having fallen for this scam, stopped to think, “What about me is it that lead me to believe these claims without double checking them?” There might be some life lessons that are applicable to other decisions they are apparently making regarding Trump.


On one hand, I feel bad for people who get suckered by con artists, but on the other hand, they’re Trump supporters. Hmmm.


If Trump wins, don’t think for a second that his supporters will forget about shit like this.


At this rate, it’ll be this guy vs. Kanye in the 2020 election.


Goodness, somebody used Trump’s name to raise money and then failed to deliver? How could that happen?


I bet this supposed random dude was really Rob Beschizza, I heard he has a well known history of dining out on the strength of a single Trump gif.


I feel bad for these people falling for this scam.

I don’t feel as bad for them falling for the scam that is Trump’s presidential campaign even though it’s likely to fleece them for a lot more.


It sounds like the scam was possible because of shortcomings on the part of the tRump campaign, not because of the lack of critical thinking skills of the people giving money - or rather, the lack of critical thinking skills on the part of the donors was indicated by who they intended to give money to, rather than falling for the scam. Really, the ideal situation would have been that the donors never knew it was a scam - it would have been just as useful, politically, and the money wouldn’t have been used to enrich tRump via his own campaign scam.

That’s the problem, isn’t it - if tRump’s name is being used, whether or not he’s actually involved, it’s a scam either way.


Same here. As much as I find so much of what is expressed to be despicable, they are participating in democracy.

It’s like allowing the Klan to march. They deserve their despicable free speech as well, and it’s up to the rest of us to participate and provide an alternative message.


Alternative proposal: if you give ME a million dollars I will personally stand guard at your home to ensure Donald Trump doesn’t barge in and disturb your dinner for the rest of this election cycle.


For $750,000 I will take a agreed-upon number of kicks to my groin while wearing a Donald Trump mask.


I bet it also has a lot to do with the election spending rules. I think in many democracies there is only one way to donate money to a campaign, and that is to donate the money directly. PACs make that very confusing - there are legitimate organizations that are not affiliated with a campaign but that are nonetheless raising money to help get the candidate elected.


It’s a good thing us Trump supporters aren’t the type to hold a grudge.*


  • Trump 2016!

I think that the joke is that Drumpf has been doing the same thing all of his ‘adult’ life.



Who would every have thought that Trump supporters would be so gullible? Other than, you know, everyone.

  1. $265 for KFC?
  2. With the worst dinner companion ever.
  3. She, apparently, should get her money back
  4. Everybody else’s money should go to the Drumph campaign.
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Wow, one million dollars. . . wow.

I wonder how much of that he gets to keep for himself and how much has to be funneled back into his “organization”, and whether he will ultimately get away with it.

One thing I always think about with high level criminals is “at what point to you say ‘enough’ and cash in the chips?” Like a drug dealer who brings in a boatload of dope and nets $1 million in a single day-- I could live happily on a million dollars for the rest of my life, why chance it a second time.


The right wing of American politics has long been a grifter’s paradise

Thusly tRump is a perfect fit for them.

[note schadenfreude]