$1m raised by random dude promising "Dinner with Trump"


I have never been so tempted.




I don’t understand why anyone would want to eat with Trump. His table manners are terrible:


A fool and his money are BEST parted.


It could have been worse; they could have actually won dinner with Trump.



Second prize is dinner and a movie.


Do not share a bucket of popcorn with Donald Trump.



Yeah, “dinner with tRump” would be something associated directly with the campaign rather than a PAC, but the PACs seriously muddy the waters - and that’s when they’re working in a legal manner, which they’re often not (yet they don’t seem to get held accountable, either).

That was exactly what I was getting at - anything with tRump’s name - “charity,” politics, business, is a scam on some level, whatever his actual level of involvement.


The street finds its own use for things.


Now Trump appears to be doing a donate and maybe win dinner thing for real:


When you spend your time aggrandizing thieves and liars, you tend to get taken in by them. I’m really sorry these people are this stupid.


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