Electoral fraud: Trump sends fundraiser emails to foreign politicians

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Dear Donald J. Trump Jr.

Quite why you think it appropriate to write emails to UK
parliamentarians with a begging bowl for your father’s repugnant
campaign is completely beyond me.

Given his rhetoric on migrants, refugees and immigration, it seems
quite extraordinary that he would be asking foreign nationals for money;
especially people who view his dangerous divisiveness with horror.

The U.S. elections are a matter for the American people, but I do
send my hope that they reject your father fundamentally at the ballot
box, not just to protect and improve the cohesion in society, to stop
his corrosive othering of immigrants and for the protection of hard
fought women’s rights in the U.S. but also, selfishly, for world
security, and international relations. The thought of his reactionary
type of politics and apparent ignorance of world affairs having access
to a seat at the world table is both surreal, and terrifying.

The above is a long way to say No, and do not contact me again.

Scottish Member of Parliament Natalie McGarry


For a self-proclaimed businessman, Trump sure does suck at determining his political markets.

That or reading a newspaper. Possibly Probably both.


I don’t see what the problem is. Shouldn’t the world be happy to contribute to a campaign to keep Trump in America? If anything, he should make a Kickstarter to extend the wall that Mexico will pay for all the way around the country.*


  • Trump 2016!

It does beg the question of other fund raising tactics that obscure the nature of the donator like super PACs. I’m not fully informed on the process but what’s to stop a politician like Trump from getting money from foreign nationals through these types of means instead?


tRump was supposed to be “self funded”? At least that was what tRump said…


Hey, I’d contribute to that.

I wonder how much extra it’d cost to fill the interior with ten feet of water.

For California, you understand.


Have you seen the travel budget presidents have at their disposal? What the world would prefer is a reverse Kickstarter to drain as much of Trump’s bank account as possible.

And hopefully that’s what his campaign has become.


He pays himself first and travels to his own resorts, so, no.


I may be wrong but I believe that the operative response is; “squat.”

Showing, one might note, the expected political acumen from ‘camp Drumpf.’

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Ooh, can we get some prosecutions for this illegal activity? Please?


What a moron. Everyone knows you are supposed to launder your foreign political contributions through your family’s “charity” foundation.


I’m sure the Federal Election Commission will take appropriate action.


Self funded like he’s self made.


It’s newsworthy because we should hope there is a vestige of law that will react to his blatant disregard for any law that gets in his way. Really though it seems almost silly to mention something like this. The right wing never hesitates to do whatever they damn well please to better their own needs. It isn’t at all about laws or morals, he sees something he wants so he takes it. What are you gonna do about it? Cry? Snivel? Report It? As if that will bother him. Only the pain of being held accountable for his crimes will bother him. Only getting blocked from taking what he wants will make any difference. And with this attitude so prominent already how can anyone believe he should have the power of the presidency of the most powerful nation on earth. History will look back in awe that people were willing to let this greedy fool loose on them. Wise mice wouldn’t vote a cat into power. Lets hope there may be wise women and men paying attention to this cheap bully.


Here’s a quote from the article you linked to:

“Congress set this place up to gridlock,” Lee E. Goodman, a Republican
commissioner, said in an interview. “This agency is functioning as
Congress intended. The democracy isn’t collapsing around us.”

Yeah right.


Can’t the Democrats investigate this allegedly illegal fundraising, at least publicize it all over the place? It is a huge platform point for both the DNC and RNC. I mean, Hillary had like 4 years worth of Congressional hearings over some possible illegal emails.
Is anyone taking the opportunity to keep some of his BS in the news cycle from more than a day?

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He’s also been begging for cash from Icelandic politicians. Here’s an English language report from mbl.is for those of you who don’t speak fluent Wilding :wink:


I think he’s simply appealing to his long-lost relatives.

######(Apologies to horses everywhere, Icelandic horses especially)


It’s such a blatant slam dunk and Trump is ludicrously unpopular to the point where I hope they do fine him, even if it is symbolic. Maybe $10,000 for each time he spammed a foreign government email address.

That would be nice and symbolic for me.

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