Mastering the Art of Japanese Home Cooking on sale for $3 in Kindle edition

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I was thinking this was a ‘update’ of the classic

Which is one of the best, if not the definitive Japanese cookbook for the American home cook.

I"ll probably get this one as a iPad version would be a great help in the kitchen.

In a similar vein:

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If you are a cat person


Looks great, but it’s saying “not available for purchase”. Help?

I’d eat that.

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Mark, where did you take the class? Is it for non-Japanese speakers?

I nabbed this immediately!

What a deal.

Huge fan of Japanese homestyle cooking. It’s a whole new world for some people who believe Japanese food = sushi and tempura.

If you enjoy getting some context and culture while you get some simple instructions for Japanese vegetarian cooking, I can vouch for this:

Leslie Downer has some fun insights not just as an outsider in Japan, but as an outsider fluent in Japanese. Her stories that accompany some of the recipes remind me of Madhur Jaffery’s cookbooks, which also include culture and context in addition to traditional recipes. The why and when of food do help me to eat seasonally, appreciate the thinking behind the food, and is as important to me as the how and what.

Protip: if you are tired of not getting your short grain brown rice (speaking of homestyle) all sticky like how polished white “sushi” rice is when making ongiri etc., try soaking your raw brown rice overnight at room temperature prior to cooking. If it is cold inside your house, the soak make take a bit longer than overnight. Your rice should still smell like rice and not the beginning of sake.

Then drain and cook as usual based on the [previously dry] measured volume of rice to water ratio. I don’t use a rice cooker any more (it’s one less appliance I have to make space for), so this all gets cooked in a pot on my stove. In either case (stove or rice cooker/steamer), shorten the cooking time by 5-10 minutes or keep a close eye on the rice the first time you try this. I find the cook time is definitely shorter.

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