Create perfect fried rice with this recipe

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Alex did a series on fried rice last year. I didn’t watch it because I’m not a huge fan of fried rice (and I have my own style), but I’m sure it’s worth watching as he always discovers useful secrets.

ETA: this is the last video in the series, so it’s probably worth watching all of them if you want all the tips.


Having watched the video, I’d agree that it’s a good primer for beginners in Chinese cooking, especially with the explanations of how to adjust if one does not have access to the right ingredients.

One small addition: if you can’t find (or don’t want to use) Shaoxing wine, Japanese mirin rice wine at least keeps a more Eastern rather than Western flavor, instead of using sherry.


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I like fried rice, but not enough to buy a gas burner and wok. I use an induction cooktop. As always, J. Kenji Lopez-Alt had some good tips for the missing wok, and/or the missing jet-engine burner most Asian restaurants use.

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Induction wok “burners” rip.

Yes, but that would still necessitate me buying expensive equipment just for stir-frying. Maybe someday.

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