An easy guide to making fried rice

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First, know your RICE!


Would Uncle Roger approve? Uncle Roger DISGUSTED by this Egg Fried Rice Video (BBC Food) - YouTube


You monsters.


Here’s a recipe I often turn to in order to smile:


Before I saw the video I was worried Uncle Rodger would have to chime in - but this guy looks like he’s got it!


Heaping Spoonful of chili jam on top!


Thanks for sharing this, I’ve had a love hate relationship with fried rice, and had pinned all of my failures on not having a wok setup to get that “Wok Hei” taste. Using yesterdays rice, and any other techniques just resulted in meh results that couldn’t live up to the fried rice my aunts had made for me as a kid, but I had never thought to use instant rice, which is pure genius! ^_____^


I like his casual approach, and the way he says “Don’ worry about it!”


I have been making fried rice for years.
I grew up eating it.

We just use day-old (or days-old) rice, pulled out of the fridge, put it cold in the hot pan. Chop most fresh stuff pretty small so it cooks fast. Whatever is in the fridge. Or freezer (bag of frozen peas, or green beans, or some frozen veg mix).

Fried rice as a recipe is pretty forgiving.
It’s good for using up odds and ends, anything that might be about to go bad.

I can’t really vouch for the ready-made cooked rice as a desirable ingredient. Sometimes I can distinctly taste the plastic in those. YMMV.

I used to make scrambled eggs and pull them, flash-fry the veg, keep the heat up, put the eggs and rice in at the same time, heat through, deglaze with a few slugs of soup stock, dry sherry, orange juice, [dried] mushroom soaking water, whatever is on hand. These days I use tofu, or tempeh, or a handful of peanuts.

I have Chinese aunties. They usually used a pinch of MSG.
I sometimes throw in some finely chopped wakame or a 1/2 teaspoon of dried kelp powder, or use dashi. That’s my umami tool, if I am out of mushroom soaking water.


That’s how we make hash browns already, so it’s just a variation.

Agreed on the instant pot making a great rice cooker.

Also, I’ve gotten a lot pickier about brands of rice over the years. My favorite is the Sawat-D Healthy Grains organic Thai brown/red/black rice trio. Unfortunately for the past year and a half it seems completely unavailable in the US unless you’re a commercial buyer? Apparently Amazon and even Walmart carry it in Canada, though, so I was able to get some recently when I happened to be near the border. I’ve yet to find another brand that I like anywhere near as much, and would love some recommendations.

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