rapist gets life in prison

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So texted confessions is what it takes to convict a rapist?

A spokesman said the company had the “most heartfelt concern” for the victims and it had a “zero tolerance policy” for reports of serious offences.

The firm said it had been unable to initially remove Lawrance’s profile because the abusive messages had been sent outside their website.

What the actual fuck? They can remove any profile they want at any time, just like any other website! At this point I don’t see how any ethical person can take a job as a corporate spokesperson.


ethical corporate spokesman surely the very definition of oxymoron.


I’ve arrived at some dreadful conclusions about online dating.


I was surprised to read there was not just a conviction but also an actual severe sentence for a rapist, then read the article and realized it’s in the U.K., not the U.S. Makes a lot more sense now. He wouldn’t get a life sentence here if there were videos.


And then there’s Ashley Madison, a site that primarily existed to torture robots.


Well, for this kind of website, such a story is extremely damaging, so even setting aside ethical considerations, it’s their best interest to thwart predatory behavior. But they can only act based on what they know.

Facebook and other social media have shown zero compunction against suspending accounts pending review, usually putting the onus of proof on the account’s user. I know of no practical reason why couldn’t do the same thing.

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