Matthew Sweet's album "Girlfriend" celebrates 32 years of "fuzzy power pop perfection"

“Girlfriend” as an album only has one flaw and it’s that “Sick Of Myself” isn’t on it.


If not for the noticably different production on both albums, I’d say putting them together would make the ultimate album. 100% Fun not only offers “Sick of Myself” but also “We’re the Same,” “Smog Moon,” “Super Baby,” and…honestly, I('ve come to) love every song on the album, including the bonus tracks.

His compilation albums really should just be the majority of Girlfriend and 100% Fun with a sprinkling of things from his other albums.


The Girlfriend jukebox musical I mentioned above does incorporate “We’re the Same,” as well as “Reaching Out” from Altered Beast. “Sick of Myself” gets sort of mashed up with “You Don’t Love Me” in the ultra-sad turning point moment of the show. It works surprisingly well, but I also might be biased cuz I got to sing the “Sick of Myself” part when I did the show: Dropbox - 09 You Don_t Love Me _ Sick of Myself.mp3 - Simplify your life


Thanks for sharing! That’s a beautiful rendition of the song.


My mom absolutely loved him when I was younger- I listened to Girlfriend and so much in middle school I can still sing it word by word to this day… it definitely stands up!


When we did end-of-year baby photo compilations of our kids, we’d set them up as a slideshow to music. “Sick of Myself” was one of the tunes we picked for a particular kid and year.

Yeah, they never have the songs I want to do. “sick of myself” is one, and “it’s the end of the world as we know it (and I feel fine)” [1] is the other.

I usually settle for “The Gambler”, which is a sure-fire way to get the crowd singing along.

[1] Reciting this song is how I stopped the kids playing the “echo game”.


wait what??? can I see this somehow? are there videos online? if so PLEASE point me in the right direction!!

absolutely agree!!

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