44 years after Philosophy of the World, a new album from the leader of The Shaggs


I listened to the entire track. Something I never managed to do with the first album. It is sweet, and it sounds like she has some knowing helpers on this one. The backing tracks are pretty clever.

Never had a banana bike. Had the cheap knock off. Never forgave my parents for that. I had to just look at them.

They released another album in 1982, thanks to NRBQ.


OMG! IT must be mine!!!

Fairly sure it was Frank Zappa that let the cult buzz in the early 70s.

The ironic thing is that a so-called “Outsider” group like The Shaggs has been accepted by a large number of music “Insiders” - I mean, one is not a true musician in 2013 unless one has accepted the arhythmic caterwauling of The Shaggs and embraced their charming, innocent unlistenable otherness. My point is that The Shaggs are ever fated to be dragged through the mud as the forebearers of post-punk music…I feel that’s not fair to them as simple musicians. In other words, why gild the Shaggs lily? And truly, they’re near impossible to listen to. At least “Metal Machine Music” only took one guy to make.

PS - That famous Zappa quote has never been confirmed.

Love this!

If you are the same you might enjoy the “American Song-Poem Anthology” http://www.amazon.com/American-Song-Poem-Anthology-Anthology-Do-Difference/dp/B000087DRX

This track - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h874BPSnbWc may give you a decent idea if the album will appeal to you. Dare you to not be humming Jimmy carter says yes, Jimmy carter says Yeees! after listening :grin:

This definitely isn’t making fun of crazy people, right?

no, it isn’t. dot wiggin isn’t remotely crazy, she’s a normal person who happens to make gloriously off-beat and charming music.

Jesus, grow up. Quirky “irony” is funny for a while, I went through the phase, but really, this is just bad, as were the Shaggs. As was Wild Man Fischer. As was Daniel Johnston. Its an affront to true quirk by people like Beefheart or the Bonzos who had vision. This stuff is just nonsense. You won’t agree, you will attack, I know, but then you won’t grow up either.

If “growing up” means becoming the kind of person who disparages the maturity of others based upon their taste in music, then no I won’t. Can’t make me. Nya Nya Nya.

No growing up means realizing some things (like the Shaggs) are really just not worthy of the attention given, that bad is sometimes just bad and not undiscovered genius or misunderstood or ignored talent. Yeah yeah, the Shaggs…used to be it was Slim Whitman and Boxcar Willie and Zamfir and Pianosaurus and… pfft.

I find it distasteful when people apply these kinds of intellectual criteria to issues of taste / personal preference. You can use your best logic, your most compelling reasoning to try and get someone to change their favorite color, or favorite food, or get them to enjoy eating a food they dislike - but it isn’t going to work, and it doesn’t reflect well on upon the maturity of someone who does this.

It’s a bit like saying, “That’s not funny!”

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Like what you like, I’m not telling you blue is green, just that the blue we all see sucks.

Great. Enjoy those Beefheart and Bonzo dog 8 tracks. The rest of us will keep an open mind, and steer clear of offering beavis and butthead style “heh heh thiss ssucks, beefheart rockss, you ssuck heh hee heh” commentary. Cheers!

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