Comix, beautiful old-fashioned pop music and good manners: together at last in "Sharp Tongue"

When people really truly love what they’re doing, that love shines in their work, don’t you think?

Case in point: singer/songwriter/filmmaker John Dog who has already this year put out three amazingly diverse songs and videos and now adds a fourth, Sharp Tongue, which is simply pop perfection.

Unlike the Brexit lament of London Falling or Under the Bed’s social media despair-hilarity, this one fashions an epic from “such a local row”, as fellow Irishman Patrick Kavanagh might say, with sprinkles of Love and Rockets, the Wizard of Oz and Serge Gainsbourg. It’s 2.5 minutes of pop perfection:

BTW if you like that, then with Christmas on the horizon you might also enjoy JD’s short, sweet and ever-so-slightly sexy ditty “It Could Be Christmas Outside (I Don’t Know)”, coming soon to a Hollywood romcom near you :wink:

* No, I’m not John Dog, but, full and frank, I am a friend as well as a fan (and hence naturally hoping this song isn’t about me! I do hate Oasis…)

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