John Dog channels Beatles, "shoulder angels", chiaroscuro and Sandman in new song and video "Sleep"

The Irish songwriter and film-maker (and, full disclosure, old pal) John Dog has just released a beautiful new song, “Sleep”, a lullaby of sorts celebrating that kind spirit who battles nightly to clear our minds of every panicked woe. As with his previous songs and vids, this is packed with lovely, utterly boingesque homages and images. As he says on his website:

The imagery of sleep and dreaming may be the most notorious cliché minefield in history, so, of course, I sprint right in there drunk and blindfolded. I love people who do dreams properly, like Cocteau, Fellini, or David Lynch, so I’ll confess to trying to ape the masters a bit, sure. High-minded cinema references aside, however, I feel I must strongly emphasise that this is just a very goofy, fun video for an oddball little song that I hope people get a kick out of.

See for yourself:

It’ll be three minutes well spent, honestly :slight_smile:

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