Short documentary about Jonathan Coulton

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No joke, BoingBoing’s cover of “Think of the Week” lead me to so many of the things I love. Coulton, John Hodgman, Maxfun’s podcasts.

Cool stuff is cool.


The best part of the series BrainDead (aside from Mary Elizabeth Winstead :heart_eyes:) was the increasingly ridiculous theme song, in which Coulton recapped the action of every preceding episode


So much to say, I forget to start
There goes a day, fading as it passes
Forget the grey, let it fall apart
It’s okay
I like you in glasses

what a coincidence – i was listening to his most excellent “Some Guys” album the other day and wondering when he’s going to put out a new album. hopefully soon!

A 30 minute documentary and never once was heard the phrase Nerdcore or Nerd Rock?

What a lovely tribute!

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