Jonathan Coulton's JoCo Cruise was mind-blowingly great


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Ohhh man this sounds super fun Mark. You’re making me want to go!


John Hodgman always name drops him but I have no clue what his music sounds like


Well that’s relatively easy to rectify. You can stream any of his songs (except from his newest album Solid State in their entirety on his site for free:

Brief recommended starting set of some of his most popular classic tracks:

  • Thing a Week Three - Code Monkey
  • Thing a Week Two - Re: Your Brains
  • Where Tradition Meets Tomorrow - The Future Soon
  • Where Tradition Meets Tomorrow - Skullcrusher Mountain
  • Thing a Week One - Shop Vac

I also particularly like the newer track Good Morning Tucson from the album Artificial Heart.


Oh! Not the Cruise I was expecting!


My partner is a lover of cruises but it’s never appealed to me UNTIL NOW.

Wrong hemisphere though. Damn.


This sounds like Burning Man for me.


I listen to a few podcasts, so I’ve heard a few people (John Hodgman; Travis, Clint, and Teresa McElroy) mention they would be on this, but I was truly surprised how many of the other featured guests I’d love to see perform/talk/eat tacos:

Maria Bamford! Micheal Ian Black! NK JEMISIN!!!


@frauenfelder Serious questions - how does the Mexican pharmacy work? You just buy what ever, like it was Advil? Is it really real medicine? Does this happen also on the mainland, or just on the open seas where there is no laws other than Sea Thunderdome?


I see wypipo.


On the one hand, so male! So white! So nerdy! On the other hand, who the fuck do I think I am? I should go join my tribe.

Maybe a future go-round, a few years from now. These, it seems, are the seven lean years of biblical prophesy.


My wife, kids (13, 11 & 9-year-olds) and I are artsy, geeky, nerdy technophiles who would love this experience. I’m sure the memories would last a lifetime! Alas, this is obviously does not come with a price tag 98% of us can afford. Looks awesome though!


He’s done work for some video games too. Odds are pretty good that if you look into it, you’ll realize you have actually heard some of his stuff, and will declare to yourself well, “this is a triumph.” :wink:


You’re not wrong… very NPR culture here.


But to be fair, the line guest line up doesn’t look entirely white. So there is some hope there.


At the age of 26, I’ve now been on close to a dozen cruises. I’ve been on multiple cruise lines (Princess, NCL, Carnival, HAL, etc), but this year was my first JoCo cruise. I’ve wanted to go since the very first one, but school and lack of people to go with kept me away. Now that I’m married, and now that they charter the whole boat, my wife and I thought it was the perfect time.

This can certainly spoil other cruise experiences since it’s such a perfect setting for us niche nerds, but it’s worth noting that this one is nearly three times as expensive as a traditional cruise, plus it requires additional travel if you don’t live near the port it leaves from.

Small note regarding the confirmed crappiness of Carnival: Holland America Line, which chartered the cruise this year, is a subsidiary of Carnival. Although they are the same company, the cruises are certainly operated differently.


This was my first cruise and was amazing, would JoCoCruise again!


I agree there should be more diversity but I will note N.K. Jemisin, Jean Grae, Riz Rollins, Quelle Christopher, and Open Mike Eagle more than represented. N.K. Jemisin’s writing sessions were particular good and pointed.

It’s a struggle as this culture has not historically been very diverse but that has been changing as have attitudes. Hopefully those trends continue.


Yeah, I actually felt that there was great diversity with the performers/featured guests. Less so with the passengers. Wide representation of gender, orientation, etc, but overwhelmingly white.


This would be a very expensive endeavor for me, because I’d have to board my dog for a couple of weeks.

But, sounds intriguing.


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