Solid State: Jonathan Coulton's album/graphic novel against nicey-nice fascism

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Jonathan Coulton is known for a myriad of distinct accomplishments. The tech professional-turned-musician once conducted a Thing a Week experiment, in which he recorded and published a new song every Friday for a year, produced a cover of Sir Mix-a-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” infamously adopted by the Fox series Glee, regularly contributes to the NPR quiz show “Ask Me Another” as its very own one-man band, and runs his own fan cruise aptly called the JoCo Cruise.


It’s hard to overstate
my satisfaction.


Monteys! I love to have found what he is really capable of!

Monteys has been a fixture of the Spanish comics for years, but in a particular way, as satirist in El Jueves and Orgullo y Satisfacción magazine, as provider of political cartoons for newspapers, etc.

Then with Universe!, on Panel Sindicate, he launched a very personal sci-fi anthology series and whoa. He DELIVERS. Wild imagination, great art, interesting use of the medium… is like watching a completly different side of somebody you have “know” for years, and finding it as depth, and skill, and mastery that you never would have imagined.

Really, check Universe!. And now I have to find out how to get my hand on this. And I wish more work like this keeps coming to him.


JoCo? Oh, nice to see.
Fraction? Well, that’s a nice addition.
Monteys? Okay, just, here’s a blank check already, just send it all to me.

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Here I was, misreading Monteys as Monkeys


Just so you know, wrapping your head with a pillow does work. It’s scientifical.

That’s autocorrect as your train goes underground for you…

Guy in comic presumably uses Cherry blue switches.

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Really enjoyed the video. It was a fun little story that captures a bit of what I love/hate about text adventure type games.

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Jonathan Coulton autographed my children.


Overachievers making me feel all slacker-like and thin-brained.

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Pillows? Useless. When I was 16, I used to keep two bits of blu tac stuck to the wall above my bed to use as earplugs for when my little sister was being forced out of the door to school. Damn, she was loud. Still is.


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