Mayor Pete: Obama should have left Chelsea Manning to rot in prison for 35 years

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Christ, what an asshole.


I hate this guy more every day. I really hope he doesn’t end up getting the nom.


The only way that happens is if Biden screws up royally, which … ok, it’s not exactly out of the question. Still, Buttigieg would also have to beat Warren and/or Sanders. Either of them will eat that Third-Way militarist twerp’s lunch.


Two thoughts:

  • Pete can bite me.
  • I’m super pleased that his being gay was only a Media Question™ for about 3 minutes, not counting the fundies who will be hyperventilating about it until the third coming. It is much more important that he’s clearly an asshole.



What a fucking tool.


On a regular basis he takes policy positions that make me say, “The fuck? Seriously, Pete?” Most recently:

Sure, sure, let’s not provide anyone with free college tuition, because a handful of millionaire/billionaires might take advantage of it! (As if they’d be going to public unis in the first place…) We’ll keep the poors in their place with job training.

Edit: Also that time he tried to cozy up to the Tea Party. Jesus.

I don’t understand how Buttigieg is as popular as he is.

Yeah, seriously.


I will open doors of opportunity for Americans who choose not to go to college with massive investments in apprenticeships, workforce training, and lifelong learning programs.

You know who provides these types of things, Pete? Colleges! Everyone seems to pretend that higher education is just offering four year degrees in liberal arts or stem fields. Community colleges provide career and technical training and less than two-year certifications and often partner with industries for apprenticeship programs and job training.


While I don’t think Chelsea Manning is clearly a hero*, her treatment in prison was brutal and unjust. Commuting her sentence was a clear bit of good and compassion on Obama’s part. (He should have done it much sooner)

(*) It’s a messy, complicated situation. Manning’s leak endangered people and WikiLeaks doesn’t look very good after the last decade. That said, she was trying to do the right thing and is the most sympathetic player in the whole incident. Anyone who can’t see that is at least a bit of an asshole.

Or a lot of an asshole in the case of Buttigieg.


Neoliberal continues to neoliberal, weather up next…
Thankfully what others have said seems true, no way will he get the nomination.


Mayor Pete:



Worst Dem candidate…great Republican candidate.


" Obama should have left Chelsea Manning to rot in prison for 35 years"

Only - Buttigeig didn’t say that. He didn’t say anything like that. Why are you using Breitbart tactics to dis Buttigieg?

Look at the comments - some of them are from people who just looked at the headline, and now think Buttigieg really said that. But that’s a lie.

Quote what he actually says, don’t twist it into something disgusting. Maybe you don’t like him, or you disagree with his positions - I’m very much to the left of Mayor Pete myself - but attacking him with lies won’t help us beat Trump next year, it weakens us.


In my experience, white liberals love any chance they can get to virtue signal by cozying up with an oppressed other.

Oh, and the whole Noble Veteran thing plays well with them too, however much more that’s also a Republican thing.

Plus he knows how to speak well, “such a contrast with that illiterate moron Trump!”


It’s a done deal, so which audience is he playing to?


There is a version of Pete Buttigieg that I would vote for in a second. The version that wrote this award winning Profile in Courage essay about his political hero:

Cynical candidates have developed an ability to outgrow their convictions in order to win power. Cynical citizens have given up on the election process, going to the polls at one of the lowest rates in the democratic world. Such an atmosphere inevitably distances our society from its leadership and is thus a fundamental threat to the principles of democracy. It also calls into question what motivates a run for office – in many cases, apparently, only the desire to occupy it. Fortunately for the political process, there remain a number of committed individuals who are steadfast enough in their beliefs to run for office to benefit their fellow Americans. Such people are willing to eschew political and personal comfort and convenience because they believe they can make a difference. One outstanding and inspiring example of such integrity is the country’s only Independent Congressman, Vermont’s Bernie Sanders.

Sigh. I wonder how much of that essay he still believes. It looks like he decided to become the cynical candidate that will run against his inspiration.

Maybe we should all listen to what Buttigieg said so well, some 19 years ago,


I have talked with some politically active Dems (friends) in central Texas, and they have said two things to me that I have been trying to understand:

  1. According to these Dems in dialog with moderate Repubs, "many [Repubs] are just looking to bail on Trump for the ‘right kind of Democratic presidential candidate.’ "

  2. These same Dems then ask “well who would you be willing to vote for?” and invariably the Repubs reject Mayor Pete because he is gay. “Don’t ask us to vote for a queer, no matter what.”

Yikes, it’s grim research. I can’t stomach the kind of research conditions my curious friends are clearly willing to go through. Dang it’s painful out here sometimes.


So what? The US Military endangers people as a matter of course, and far more recklessly than Manning. Those who follow orders are called heroes without any accountability for who they endangered. But those who have the courage to blow the whistle are held to an impossible double standard.


I mean… but that’s like… literally everyone.