McDonald's franchisee had 10-year-old kids working until 2am

I read some comments under a story about the two 10 year olds going to work with their parent.

One comment said it was normal and acceptable to take your child to work when you can’t find day care.

That may be normal but it’s not acceptable. Not the parent doing what’s necessary but the parent having to because they have to work to survive.

We took our daughter to work when she was about 7, it was our own business cleaning offices. Early on we would just find a spot for her to sit and do homework or read or draw etc… At about 10 we let her “help” by giving her work to do just to keep her out of our hair. She still comes to help for free for a couple huge annual jobs.

When she hit high school she became our recruitment officer bringing us her friends for summer work. Those kids were great, all good workers, and we’re still in touch 20+ years later. When I had a heart attack they all called and offered to help with the business until I recovered.

That loyalty came from paying them well and treating them well. It’s not complicated. Of course we didn’t get rich but I sure do sleep better.


The children were not “visiting”
The parents had no child care, and I’m willing to bet that while the kids were there they gave them work to do so they’d all be out of there faster.
That’s how capitalism is.


It makes you yearn for the good old days when capitalists where at least honest about their exploitation of a child labour force.


It is a perfect illustration of the way 10 year olds think. People who think like that shouldn’t be running deep fryers nor cash registers, nor should they be out and about at 2AM. They should be tucked into their cosy beds, goddamn it all anyway.


The fines would actually be helpful if they went into trust funds for the chidden who were exploited.


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