7-Eleven accused of weaponizing ICE raids to shed troublesome franchisees


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Ok, it sounds like a potential restraint of trade suit, especially if you can find some that were raided that didn’t have any illegal immigrants. That would be bad for 7-11 corporate I think.


There were dirty tricks with 7-11 in Australia too, but that was between the franchisees and their employees. Our minimum wage is pretty good, but the employers had been doing deals with the employees, like having to give part of their pay back in cash. It was a big scandal a few years ago.

Of course the root cause may be head office squeezing more money out of the franchises.


The evidence is circumstantial and 7-Eleven denies it…

In other words, rumor.


Motel 6 was reporting customers to ICE.

Now 7-Eleven has done this.

It must be the numerals in their names.


Lol maybe, though I blame a justice system that generally does little to protect the little people, or punish the wealthy.


DePinto doesn’t sound 'Murican. Maybe someone should give ICE a call.


This is like swatting for the rich, yes?


Sounds like it.



I haven’t been inside a 7-Eleven in years. Why would anyone shop at one?


Convenience and slushies.


Where else can you get nitrous oxide bulbs at 3am?


No Fee ATMs and 2 for $5 8oz Red Bulls.


Here’s an idea? Why don’t we start holding everyone accountable for their actions? Large and small?

If you hire illegals - you are breaking the law for gain. And you are shitting all over fellow citizens who might really need a living wage.

Would just break my heart to see all these cheaters ruined forever.


I’ve played this game enough times to know that by “everyone,” you really don’t mean everyone. “Everyone” just means “as many people as I disapprove of and anyone I’m willing to throw under the bus to pretend I’m being fair.”


Aren’t these the kind of antics that brought 7/11 to the brink of bankruptcy the first time? They had to be saved by the Japanese subsidiary from their own worst excesses. Is anybody going to save them this time?


… but ICE’s raids on 7-Eleven stores have targeted owners who have made trouble for the company." unquote


Open when everyone else is closed.


Because Walgreen’s costs twice as much and I don’t want to walk 4 more blocks for a bag of gummi bears.

Based on a former Chicago residence


Calling people “illegals” is a dead giveaway. I don’t even need to point out there’s always room for him to pick crops in the hot sun if he wants the job. There’s no point reasoning with hatred.