Menu at Toronto's "Azure" was a work of fictitious fine-dining fraud


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I wonder if their bookkeeping/management software was based on hadoop.

/y’know, running on Azure.


Oh no, the rich had to eat the same stuff as the rest of us. The horror.


Horror, indeed. Am I supposed to be outraged?


It is remarkably easy to dupe dinners with substandard foodstuffs, it just sucks when you get caught doing it, one could say at that point the “gravy train” is over.

Pun intended.


i think it’s less about what is being eaten, and more about how they’re lying about what they’re selling. but you knew that.


Wagyu beef… burger? They deserved what they got.


On a whim I once had a wagyu beef burger. In and Out is better. Wagyu can be magical, but ground up and fried to death? Yeah, its as bad as you think.


“Fine Dining” as in “we have been fined repeatedly”?


You mean my $50 plate of “Fine Italian Pasta Asciutta with Somerset, England Cheddar” was just Kraft Dinner?


This reminded me of “The Freshman” with its endangered species menu.


Next thing your be telling me is that the 24 karat gold flakes were just strategically painted carrot flakes.


Made with “baby” carrots.


I don’t feel bad for rich folks, but I do feel for people who are from more modest means who go to a fancy restaurant for a treat or special event.


I’ve had a burger and some hot dogs made from the stuff. You’re right on with the burgers, but the dogs were sublime (they may have benefited by being cased, which does a lot to keep them juicy).


What we get in the US isn’t real Wagyu anyways.

Some is the same breed, some hybrids. None are raised the same way, which is part of the point.


Wait… the salmon comes in the door de-boned? That should be enough for most of the staff and all of the customers to look elsewhere.


Hey now, according to my two year old my Kraft skills are sublime.


Agreed. I love flounder and whenever I’m near the beach (East coast) I always look for somewhere serving whole flounder.


Don’t forget “fresh,” “homemade,” and “artisanal…”