DoorDash "still stealing tips," say workers

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It’s pretty hard to stop rolling around in a huge pile of money once you start. More addicting than crack, I hear.


Surely some Silicon Valley venue has a money pit where you can roll in twenties for those looking for a Scrooge McDuck experience? :thinking:


Gotta admit that twenties would be far, far softer and less edgier than actual coins.

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It’s so obviously shitty (and seemingly blatantly illegal) a policy I couldn’t understand how it even started in the first place. I’m guessing they justify it by saying, essentially, that they guarantee a certain minimum wage to drivers, but that amount assumes a certain level of tipping. Except that exceeding that guaranteed minimum wage is impossible without tipping enormously, which never happens, so effectively no one ever gets actually tipped.


Call me uncharitable; but I suspect that the management layer of any of the “expendable day laborers are even more convenient when you can order them by app!” companies needs very little incentive to devise obviously shitty and seemingly blatantly illegal policies.

And if they, by some hiring mistake or attack of conscience do need incentive; well, they have VCs for that.


Just out of curiosity: if I tip the door dash delivery person directly in cash (bypassing the app), are they required to report that tip to door dash, or is it the usual ‘money under the table’ tip that normal delivery drivers get (i.e., for pizza, asian food, etc.)

Door dash has modified all of the drivers seats to tilt back at a 45 degree angle so that all change will vibrate out of the pockets and into a reservoir while driving.

next step is hiring children because they are easy shake upside down to empty pockets.

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Honestly, at the end of the day that’s up to them, and it’s very easy (and highly justifiable) to lie about.

I’ve scaled back my Doordash use and I now only tip in cash.

If everyone tipped door dash drivers in cash, it would actually be a viable job. What they do is, they have a minimum amount of pay for a delivery, which, if it was a mere $2 more, would also make it a viable job. However, they use customer tips, if available, to make this amount(technically, they pay $1 per delivery, which wouldn’t even cover the gas, so you’d have to tip over $4.50 for the pay to go above the minimum of $5.50 in my region). So a delivery to a customer that doesn’t tip at all can pay exactly the same as a customer that tips $3, it is not added on top of the minimum payment. Generally, unless they are extremely generous(the average door dash order wouldn’t ordinarily suggest a tip of over $5 where I live), tips through the app don’t benefit the drivers at all, they get paid the same, and you just paid a few dollars extra for no reason.

Technically, of course, you are supposed to report all income, but there is no documentation of cash tips. If you work for a restaurant, you are automatically taxed a certain amount based on food sales, but there is no arrangement like that with door dash, as they don’t even pay a wage. You are considered an independent contractor and that’s how you’re taxed at the end of the year.


In defense of in-app tipping (as a general concept) the big advantage is that I rarely have the right assortment of bills to make up the tip I’d like to give. This is more of a problem with ride-hailing than with food delivery, but still, sometimes I look in my wallet and all I have is four $20 bills and a single $1. So I’m stuck tipping too little, or way too much, or getting into the awkward situation of asking for change from a person who probably doesn’t have change because they’re getting paid through an app.

Now, don’t get me wrong, Doordash are grade-A shitweasels for this and I’ll be adjusting my custom accordingly. But I’d prefer if we could get to a situation where tips were still in-app, but went to the gig worker.

Thank you for your post.

Actually six months ago I started writing my customers and telling them they were keeping our tips and to please try to do cash. Our customer said they would pay cash to their next order. I stopped Door dash in for a few month because of them stealing our tips. I just started up again this week and they’re still our tips. This delivery I did yesterday I went from downtown San Jose on a 30 minute drive to drop off one sandwich. So basically an hour for six dollars which I will never do again also there was a four dollar bonus at that time but they are doing that anymore very often. Door Dash drivers need to come together in a big group and stop this nonsense. It is a joke and most of us have little children and that’s why were doing it to make extra money to pay bills.

I think if we went on strike for a weekend how messed up Door Dash would be and realize they need to pay us a guarantee of at least $6-8 per delivery and then when the customer tips on the app to give it to us as a tip not the guaranteed pay.

Let’s do this!


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