Toll collector fired for paying driver's toll

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I really hope that retailers start cracking down on cashiers who pull coins out of some secret stash to make “even change” for customers.
I was horrified, but remained silent, at the bakery a few days ago when a kid pulled a quarter out of a cup to make my wife’s purchase easier – he even tried to give her the $0.13 in change balance.
This story has inspired me – I will remain silent no longer!
Florida truly embiggens us all!!!


This seems like an informative follow-up -


My ex-nextdoor neighbor was a toll collector. A few years after he left I found him in a booth as I was coming home from a new job. He refused to take money from me, shut down his lane so we could talk and yelled at the folks in the honking cars behind me, saying ‘Can’t you see that the lane is closed?’ I love the guy and hope he is OK. A great neighbor and a good friend.


“I’d put the six dollars in, I got the six dollars back the next day.”

What does that mean? On their next crossing, he’d collect their toll and what he put in the day before? Yeah, you can’t have toll booth operators loaning money, tracking it on their own, collecting tolls, and keeping some amount based on their personal record keeping. It’s a recipe for fraud and abuse.


We’ve finally reached Gif overload on BoingBoing. What the hell purpose does the gif serve in this post? I’m so fed up with eye-distracting gif in Every. Single. Post.

(Sorry for the moan, fellow commenters, just needed to get it off my chest.)


I hear ya. Gotta incorporate as a bank for that kinda thing.


I love BoingBoing; that’s why I subscribe to their twitter feed, and tell other people they should subscribe too. But I also tell them that in terms of getting the whole story, the proper context, etc., that with BoingBoing, you’re really going to be rolling the dice.


Thanks for posting that. Hope it prevents any readers of the headline from going off half-cocked.

You are familiar with the idea that his cash drawer must balance, yes, and that internal controls are probably already in place?

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I seem to recall this exact story from last year. I suppose it was a different guy, same crime. How long will it take you people to learn? You do a guy a six dollar favor, he’s going to be a heroin junkie in no time. I’m surprised they aren’t both in prison.

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Peak Gif Angst


Yes. It sounds like those internal controls (which included him not doing what he was doing) and his drawer not balancing is why he got fired.

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Fraud and abuse on a scale that makes library late fees look like video rental late fees!

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Yep. I just resize the screen to hide the damn things.

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