Deer on Golden Gate Bridge



Oh dear, they seem to be bucking traffic.

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Actually, the GG bridge last year switched to all-electronic tolling, based on license plate readers + FasTrak. So unless they have toll accounts already established (or, presumably, tracking tags registered with MoveBank), they will get a bill in the mail based on photo recognition. And if they don’t have credit cards, they can bring several bucks (because they need the ‘doe’) to a convenient cash payment location.

Haha I appear to have gone for nearly five years thinking that AMA was a shortening of “I am a…” - had no idea it was “Ask Me Anything”. Makes so much more sense now.

And of course, right on cue, I get an email stating that I need to pay my EZPass bill for “driving on toll road.” I do not have EZPass. There are no toll roads in Cincy.

Oh, and the email was from something like

Also, this is not the AMA topic.

Somebody should tell them that splitting lanes is really dangerous.

I remember the Ostrich migration a few years ago. You can see nature in all her majesty on America’s freeways.

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