Florida man attacks ATM after it dispenses too much money


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Corning should upgrade their Gorilla Glass to Florida Man Glass.


If he thought that the machine had debited his account more than he had asked it to, then I can see getting upset because now your account doesn’t have enough money in it and you could be facing bounced checks and overdraft fees.

Beating up the poor innocent machine, however, seems highly unproductive compared to, IDK, calling the bank and asking them to fix the problem. Or depositing the excess money back into your account. Or any number of other less, well, Florida-ish approaches to the problem.

Considering all the stories about Florida Men in the news, I must conclude that all that good weather must be very bad for one’s peace of mind.




I can easily imagine a toddler doing this, a few minutes past nap time.


He went angry monkey on it.


Third world problem: “I have nothing to eat.”

First world problem: “This damn machine gave me too much money!”



If he now has too much money, the GOP’s new tax plan should give him more than enough to fix the ATM.


Will the bank blame me in some way for this? Am I about to be charged for bank robbery? What do I do? [Insert loss of logical thought here]

I kinda get the fear that lead to raging against the machine.


I suppose. It still seems a rather odd panic reaction. I mean, I wouldn’t want to be on the same lifeboat with this guy if it sprung a leak.


I was half hoping to read that Florida Man was finally calmed down by Area Man.



(But wait till next weeks, bugs, as my aunt and uncle are in Clearwater!)


Librarian poo. L-space bent double for him, and he could not handle it.

Poor wizzard. But he knew nothing good could come from an ATM, ever…


This seems like a situation where “Do you want a receipt? Y/N?”…

Oh for F’s sake definitely yes!!!

If the receipt has the excess amount listed on it, then re-deposit (at another more demonstrably functional ATM). If not, then hold on to it, and wait and see what happens…

Not that I’m advocating taking advantage of a large bank, but it’d be nice to see the little guy screw the big bank at least once.


You think that’s how it works?


Are they scientologists?


I funded a hitch hiking trip around Tasmania in the 1980s by exploiting a bug in the first generation of ATMs. Bank back end systems ran batch jobs over night so ATMs would dispense small requested amounts of cash regardless of your balance. It turned up as an overdraft the next day.


Floridaman strikes again!
Everybodys favorite… superhero? Supervillian???