WATCH: Gentleman uses bomb to make ATM withdrawal


guy was smart enough to bring a fire extinguisher (which he left), but was going to blow open an ATM wearing flip-flops?


Was it a fire extinguisher?

It looked to me like he was filling the device (the atm) with a gas, which he then stupidly lit before stopping the flow of gas from his tank (maybe to be sure the atm was full of said gas?) or learning about remote detonation.


i saw the flip-flops, and thought, “…florida?” – then checked the full link. sorry, australia, for comparing you to florida.


I was wondering about that too from his wardrobe.

It’s not even from Queensland, the most Florida-like State. It’s from the Northern Territory, where a culture of batshit-drunken-insanity-in-flip-flops is pretty normal.

I hate to link to Buzzfeed but these headlines from NT aren’t that unusual…


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Took place in the suburbs of Darwin?


This is the first time that sketch has -ever- made me laugh.

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Guy seems accident prone! He probably needed the cash to pay for his hospital bills.

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Could be a runner up recipient of the Darwin Award!

Wait, the NT has a culture of batshit-drunken-insanity-in-flip-flops? That sounds like Florida to me! So, I wonder what makes Queensland even MORE Florida-like… :\

He had no fun-ds

I think bb and I have very different definitions of “gentleman.”


Well, yeah, but they’re from the NT. Batshit-insanity in thongs is normal behaviour and not considered weird at all.

The amount of retirees from other states that have moved here. :sunny:


ATMs have cameras in them. Why don’t they have software programmed to call 911 (or your local equivalent) when the software detects suspicious activity in front of the ATM? It would really only have to alert the local precinct (or even the bank security manager) to view the feed and determine whether further investigation was warranted. I think we have the means to do this well.

What counts as suspicious behavior? That’s way too broad a category for an ATM to figure out by itself when it takes the damn piece of hardware minutes to verify the hash on my credit card. ATMs suck. I don’t need them any slower.

Only withdrawal actually made was from his senses. Aces for gearing up with the blast-protective mosquito netting bro.

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Poor robut banker – is it ok?

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