WATCH: Gentleman uses bomb to make ATM withdrawal


  1. A Gentleman never wears flip flops to a robbery. In fact a Gentleman never wears flip flops in public. The footwear of a Gentleman should always enclose the toes.
    2 A Gentleman would never be seen in public with a nondescript t-shirt wrapped around his face. If anything, a keffiyeh of high-threadcount cotton around the head, or a silk scarf around the neck in muted colors whilst accompanying a well-mannered companion on an evening stroll, never to the ATM. A Gentleman does not use, nor rob, ATM’s.
  2. A Gentleman accepts the consequences of his actions and stands on principle with a well reasoned defense therof. He does not run away, quibble with authorities, nor obfuscate.

Methinks this guy could have had a guest spot on BreakingBad. His approach seems somewhat more efficient than the way the folks on the show went about it.

But magnets!

Doesn’t Australia have universal healthcare?

There are enough ATM transactions across the country in a day that it would be reasonably easy to build up an average impression of what a normal transaction should look like. Any activity falling outside that average could flag a human operator to review the activity and determine whether someone was installing a skimmer, setting us up the bomb or simply trying to juggle purse, keys, cellphone and cash. Seriously, if one guy can train a camera to tell the difference between birds and squirrels at a feeder before unleashing watery havoc on the latter, banks ought to be able to solve this one.

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