Tennessee man forces himself on an ATM, picnic table




If he expected to get money out, can they bust him for solicitation of prostitution?


If the banks are fucking you, why not fuck them back?


I just hope he remembered to make a withdrawal before making his deposit.




please insert card here is a little ambiguous.


I assume that Florida Man was vacationing in Tennessee.


I have it on good authority that Tennessee Man is Florida Man’s side-kick.


Come on, you just KNOW that the picnic nick table was ASKING for it with that short tablecloth…


The tryst with the picnic table was just an attempt to make the ATM jealous.


I was curious what performing a “Tennessee man” Google news search would turn up – not nearly as entertaining as Florida man.
However, this little tidbit caught my eye – the pitchfork wielding hoodlum that tried to rob a Waffle House in GA just killed and robbed a guy in TN:
Waffle House pitchfork robber busted for murder in Tennessee - NY Daily News


Florida Man is really letting us down this week. Oregon with ‘high’ elves and now Tennessee Man posts up a HUGE win. What is Florida Man doing? Vacationing?


They’re all just subsets of the Onion’s “Area Man” (Homo Regionis).


Of course he tried to use the ATM. The nearest Sperm Bank where he could see a teller in person was way out in Nashville.


Tennessee GENTLEman forces himself on ATM, picnic table.

Thank you.


Humping robot?


I don’t think it’s a problem - it’s just that the bar is being raised. Healthy competition is good for all of us.


An affair with an ATM gives a whole new meaning to the phrase “machine screw.”

If only John Sladek could live to see this…


What about a TV? (probably nsfw)


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