Southern Gentleman robs Waffle House with a pitchfork, gets away




Should be easy to identify him. Just look for the guy with the pointer shaped tattoo on his left cheek.


When I saw employees at waffle house fight back against a pitchfork wielding hoodlum, I had visions of of a protracted artillery defense – waffles/etc being flung and impaled upon said pitchfork…


When they make pitchforks illegal, only criminals will have pitchforks. The best answer to a bad man with a pitchfork, is a good man with a pitchfork. They can have my pitchfork when they pry my cold, dead hands off of it. A pitchfork wielding society is a polite society…thank you, we’ll be here all week, don’t forget to tip the waitresses


'specially cause they’re armed.


Damn you, D.B. Cooper!


The term “Southern Gentleman” in the headline implied that he wore some sort of Col. Sanders-style white suit and had a florid manner of speaking. Imagine my disappointment…


Sounds like an episode of Cagney & Lacey – starring Tine Daily and Sharin’ Glass.


Laugh if you will, but–and I think that I speak for all of my fellow Frankenstein-Americans here–people just don’t realize how much pitchfork-related violence there is every year, especially if you live (or “live”, if you prefer) in a castle above a normally-sleepy village.


You might be a redneck if you held-up a Waffle House with a pitchfork.

I dunno what I am, but I guess I’m whatever you would call a guy so out-of-touch that he gets his local news from BoingBoing.


He was looking for Frankenstein’s castle and had to stop for a snack and for got his wallet. Innocent mistake…


GODDAMMIT! Today, seriously, it actually hurts when I laugh.


it’s part of the gang initiation. they give you the pointer tattoo in jail after you throw a pitchfork through your first hard drive.


I wish I had the photoshop skills to modify that guy with the MURDER tattoo to say PITCHFORK. Instead I will have to rely on your imagination.


If you think this guy is a badass you should see his grandparents.


maybe when he brandished his huge fork and said “give me all your waffles” he was just a really hungry dude…


Great…now I really want hash browns. Waffle house hash browns are a thing of beauty.

Grilled cheese extra pickle, Hash Brown Scattered and smothered. Maybe a side salad or bacon.


In other Gwinnett County news: Action reporter Tony Thomas is under investigation after a WSB cameraman was seriously injured in what authorities are calling “a suspicious pitchfork incident.”


Well, looks like we got ourselves a pitchforker.


I don’t understand this thing called -maybe- bacon… Isn’t bacon a MUST? :slight_smile: