Man stuck behind ATM slips "help me" notes through receipt slot


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And there you have it, criminals. No reason to actually haul away an ATM machine if you can just kick down the door.


Its an AT Machine :wink:

But I think you still need a key for the secure part of the ATM.



…for which you use a PI Number. Yeah, we get it.


People thought it was a joke because the machine still functioned. If he had been able to induce a malfunction where they didnt get their cash, it would have been no laughing matter.

God, I hate human beings sometimes. People are OK, but the humans are mostly just fucked.


I’m impressed anyone still has a current phone number memorized.


Yesterday in Corpus Christi, Texas

It was 90 degrees with 90 % humidity in CC, Texas yesterday, he lost a few lb’s sweating.


Phishing scam. :roll_eyes:


I would hope for his sake that the room being connected to the bank at least via drive-thru canopy, there’d be ventilation and A/C.

If not, I think it kind of foolish there’s not even an intercom when the bays have them.


PI Number

How did you find my PIN?


Hey, gents! We may have just knocked down that door, but please don’t dismantle or otherwise molest that machine. :unamused:


He probably had his phone, but no cell reception inside the room.


maybe he’d have better luck if he didn’t scribble out the phone number? /s


That’s not really an indictment of human character. On the face of it, I definitely wouldn’t have believed that a human could fit inside a functioning ATM. Somebody sliding prank notes into the front of the slot so they come back out with someone’s money seems much more plausible.


And you your I Dentification.

Uh. wait…


Interesting, except…


I’m glad they got him out after only two hours. I was afraid he was in there for days.

On a lighter note, I was reminded of this old gag.


Not here at the Department of Redundancy Department it’s not.


Huh. Smart enough to remember a phone number, dumb enough to let a locking door close on him.