Man stuck behind ATM slips "help me" notes through receipt slot


Don’t forget the mosquitos. Even inside an ATM, he probably lost a pint of blood, too.


The Department Department’s boss has a contrary opinion on that.


Late stage capitalism!


I’d have to agree there. That will be a main plank of the World Domination League, you know. Tests to differentiate people from humans, the latter, you see, will be replaced with fine TREES and newts which will dance about and are happy. Awful things, humans. I’ve seen them on the television you know. Should be a law against them, ghastly things. And at the World Domination League, we will pass that once we are elevated to the right position. Nothing like a good elevation to get things done you know.


It’s an AT Machine :wink:


Makes me remember this :


Is there a good reason not to have these door open from the inside? I mean, I get that every part and mechanism increases cost, but I would think there would be an OSHA standard that any machine requiring internal servicing that fits a human in and has a locking door should open from the inside…People have bad/tired/hungover/dizzy/impaired days at work, no matter how silly the accident.


Agent 13 says,“What a lightweight! Try a week-long stakeout from inside a mailbox.”


He was actually replacing the lock. The new lock malfunctioned and he was stuck inside.


I presume they do open from the inside if the lock is functioning properly.


That guy got lucky, most of the customers probably looked around for the prank show and when the camera failed to materialize just wandered off.


He didn’t fit “in” the ATM itself. The ATMs at bank branches that are built into the wall usually have a locked room on the other side of the wall from which the bank staff can service the ATM. I didn’t realize this until a few months ago when my card got stuck in a bank branch ATM. I assumed they’d have to call a tech or somebody to disassemble it from the front and retrieve my card, but a teller asked me to stand in front of the ATM, then went into a small room behind the ATM and manually pushed my card back out the slot to me.

It’s kind of like the milk cases at a lot of big supermarkets, where they’re built into the wall and can be restocked from a room behind the wall.


Not according to the note but maybe he had a business card in his repair bag for when someone complains he can just say call my boss.


Left with no other option. With all the advancement in security systems and emergency app, still man found searching for help


AT Machine makes me think it’s an AT-AT


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