Deep Insert skimmers: undetectable, disposable short-lived ATM skimmers

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AKA: Never use ATMs, it’s better to go inside a bank and get money or go to a grocery store or supermarket that does cashback. If you absolutely need to get money from an ATM your chances of it having a skimmer are lower if it’s inside a business but there’s still some risk.

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Simpler, have no money.


some banks are supposedly working on Apple Pay capable ATMs

Not to worry! My debit card has a CHIP!


is it Erik Estrada?


The chip, it does nothing!

But seriously, what was the point of the chip, again?


Some ATMs have transparent covers where the card goes in. This is an inexpensive way to expose some/many skimmers.


Small world! I also wear a transparent cover to expose my skimmer.


I didn’t think this would work in Europe where it’s all chip and pin. Don’t you need actual contact with the chip? Or were they only skimming stupid Americans with mag stripes? (Boy am I glad to see that obsolete tech go!)

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Looking past the criminal aspect of this, the ingenuity at play here is simply amazing.

You can thank the big banks and merchants (*cough Chase, Walmart *) for half-assing the EMV rollout in the US. What we have now is chip+signature and there are no immediate plans to implement chip+pin broadly.

Because of this (and other reasons) we will continue to have the lowly mag stripe on our cards for the foreseeable future.

Yes, the signature. Medieval information security tech. Where’s my sealing wax and signet ring!


That’s stupid. Though, we also still have mag stripes that are never used unless we go to the US. Plus chips. And PINs.

I have never forgotten my signature, however. :confused:

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There is no way you can forget you PIN when you use it every day, most times several times per day. Actually that’s not true. It’s like muscle memory. Sometimes I struggle if I think about it too much.


Supermarkets are not immune (this was discovered near me):

I suspect these are “inside jobs”. I really dislike shopping at Crapway. Their unions just prevented a competing supermarket from opening up in our town. At least we have a Trader Joes and a farmers market.

I wonder if a few LEDs and a few light sensors inside could help with skimmers. There would be a profile with a card and without a card. Putting junk (i.e. skimmer) inside would change the profile that the sensors pick up. Problem would probably be the wide variety of card.

And when they detect something weird, they could save pictures of the person fiddling with the machine in the “criminals” folder (since they take pictures of customers anyway).

It just depends on whether defending ATM machines from this attack costs more than refunding money to those that complain.

Yeah, and Sprouts are such sweet guys, what with firing working who try to unionize and all.